Ghulam M

Lahore, Pakistan

About Me

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. I left my job as a Site Engineer a few months back, and am now fully involved in the real estate business. I have a passion for startups and I am fully motivated to have my own one day.

My Areas of Expertise

Investment and social media content.


Your Investment Range
Rs.100,000 To Rs.1,000,000


Pre-Startup/R&D, MVP/Finished Product, Achieving Sales, Profitable, Other


Building Services & Products, Entertainment & Film, Food & Beverage, Internet, eCommerce & Apps, IT, Hardware & Software, Manufacturing, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Publishing, Personal Services, Products & Inventions, Real Estate, Sport & Leisure, Technology, Telecom & Mobile


Islamabad , Punjab


Pakistan, UAE

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