6% Raised

Trillium Eye Care Pre-IPO

South East, USA

Join this international health care group expand clinics in North America. Convertible Note pays 10% interest which converts into Stock pre-IPO. Company is targeting an IPO in the US at 5X Return to Investors.

Rs. 200,000,000


Rs. 690,000

Min per Investor

10% Raised

Blockchain Solar Energy

Victoria, Australia

Lotus Energy is a clean renewable solar energy generator with world first peer to peer energy exchange. Using cutting edge blockchain technology to create a highly profitable and sustainable green energy business model. Capital raise of $250M

Rs. 500000000


Rs. 9,900

Min per Investor

0% Raised

Global Forex Trading

Sarawak, Malaysia

A business specializing in FOREX Trading & diversification. Annual profit for investors around 50% - 65% of capital. All trading records are transparent. Base capital protected (*T&C). Also offer FOREX education. Strictly regulated by authorities FSA

Rs. 270,000,000


Rs. 1,300,000

Min per Investor

17% Raised

New way to invest in art

Hong Kong

Epsilon ArtShare is an app that allows anyone to invest any amount in museum-quality art. New business model with the potential to disrupt the top-end auction house business. Expert team. Legally approved. Positive feedback from potential user...

Rs. 350,000,000


Rs. 1,700,000

Min per Investor

3% Raised

Organic Vodka Beverages

Ontario, Canada

"Crafty Elk Vodka beverages"; Multiple Award Winning Organic Craft Cocktails, $635k in sales, Stockists include Sobeys, Safeway, Wine & Beyond, LCBO, MBLL, Liquor Depots; aiming to expand in the Canadian Market valued at CAD 31.69 Billion(2019)"

Rs. 310,000,000


Rs. 520,000

Min per Investor

67% Raised

Modernizing Hawker Food


Singapore’s largest hawker food delivery; with over 2,200 hawker partners. We deliver 1,400+ meals daily generating S$250,000 monthly revenue. We are also disrupting the hawker food supply-chain by aggregating raw materials from suppliers to hawk...

Rs. 61,000,000


Rs. 5,100,000

Min per Investor

8% Raised

Rideshare App

New South Wales, Australia

Turvy is a rideshare provider with premium services. We aim to offer to clients who expect a different level of quality in their travel experience with high-end SUVs and luxury cars in their fingertips. Guaranteed 50% return for a 12-month loan.

Rs. 140,000,000


Rs. 1,900,000

Min per Investor

20% Raised

Music Ownership Syndicate

London, United Kingdom

Owning a part of the music industry enables you to support creative talent whilst giving you the potential to earn and share in the success of an industry turning over 17.3 billion dollars per year. Syndicate ownership opens this door to everyone.

Rs. 89,000,000


Rs. 17,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
6% Raised

Hotel Room Service App

London, United Kingdom

Only luxury hotels have been able to afford room service software for guests and visitors. Our Room Service App fits the budget for all hotels, the cost is based on the number of hotel rooms; a 25 room hotel pays £250 per month, and pays for itself.

Rs. 260,000,000


Rs. 170,000

Min per Investor

Per Page

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